At OUTLOOK, we establish an open and collaborative relationship with the client from the start. We believe that this is the key to delivering a project to the client's highest expectations. Whether new construction or alterations, our work is precise, our craftsmanship is of the highest quality and our overall commitment to our clients is unsurpassed.
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OUTLOOK Construction & Remodeling, Inc. is a Flagstaff-based custom home contractor and kitchen and bathroom renovation company serving all of northern Arizona. Our construction company was created from a belief that the client is the core of a business and should be both respected and appreciated. A client’s home is their oasis, a place to retreat from the pressures of our fast paced world.  Our role, as professional builders, is to assist you with creating your oasis, utilizing our wealth of resources, while respecting your time, values & vision.  Whether you are remodeling your home’s kitchen or bathroom, building a new custom home or providing friends or family members with a reference, our goal is that OUTLOOK Construction & Remodeling, Inc. would be the first company that comes to mind.

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Outlook Construction & Remodeling is here to serve and you to turn your dream into reality while providing a safe environment. We would appreciate appointments being made 24 hours in advance, but are willing to make them the day of if needed. Thank you for supporting Flagstaff small Businesses. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment.

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At OUTLOOK, we establish an open and collaborative relationship with the client from the start. We believe that this is the key to delivering a project to the client’s highest expectations. Whether new construction or alterations, our work is precise, our craftsmanship is of the highest quality and our overall commitment to our clients is unsurpassed. We are pleased to serve our clients on any renovate type/size project:

From concept to completion, new construction of any kind is extremely rewarding for both the client and the builder.

Custom Homes
Custom Homes

The emphasis in modern, custom home design is on clean lines and geometric forms. Arches, elaborate columns, window shutters, and other outrageous embellishments are a thing of the past. Simple forms and purposeful asymmetry have taken the place of these elements that formerly spoke of luxury and affluence. A custom-built house should embrace the environment, energy-efficiency, smart technology (automation), natural light, and functionality.


A traditional home addition is a multiroom construction project that is physically connected and permanently accessible to the main house. A well-built home expansion will be unnoticeable to the untrained eye – whether looking at the finished work from within the house or outside. Additions can include a family room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, or playroom.


Whether looking for a place to park your car, conduct weekend warrior projects, or a place to store holiday decorations, a garage is a must-have for homeowners. New garages can have heated floors, HVAC, workbenches, and designated work space. We can build RV garages with extra large doors, car collection showrooms, or a garage for any purpose you need.


Residential workshops are great for entrepreneurs, hobbyists, and tinkerers alike. If you need specialized tools or equipment, your new workshop can be built to fit it. Workshops can be constructed to complement production flow, be less noisy with sound reduction materials, and be fitted with specialized lighting, flooring, plumbing, or drainage needs.


A carport is a covered structure that provides minimal rain, sun, and snow protection for vehicles and, unlike a garage, is not enclosed. Sometimes, carports are built to be standalone structures, while at other times they are affixed to a wall connected to a house or large structure. A carport can be built to spec, accommodate multiple vehicles, and be built with a number of different structural and roofing materials.

Guest Quarters

Consider building one or more guest quarters if you need additional room to accommodate friends or family. Guest rooms can be attached or detached from the home’s main structure, include everything a master-bedroom would – private bath, walk-in closet, plenty of square-footage, and be built away from common areas for additional privacy.

Guest Quarters

Consider building one or more guest quarters if you need additional room to accommodate friends or family. Guest rooms can be attached or detached from the home’s main structure, include everything a master-bedroom would – private bath, walk-in closet, plenty of square-footage, and be built away from common areas for additional privacy.

Additions & Remodels

A deck is an open outdoor porch or platform that extends from a home and has no roof. Your new deck can be made of wood or composite material and can be level or elevated. It may be linked to the first floor of a home or to an upper story and it can have numerous levels. It may either be a standalone or enhance another feature, such as a pool or an outbuilding.


An arbor is a freestanding archway that serves as an entrance to a section of a yard or garden that is most often seen in residential settings. Plants and vines are often used in conjunction with arbors, which can be custom-made to suite your yard, any color you want, and as elaborate as you desire.


Patio is a Spanish term that refers to a home or building’s courtyard. Traditionally, a courtyard is an open space enclosed by walls or other buildings, or a plot of land next to a building. The difference between a patio and a courtyard is that a patio does not need to be enclosed by walls. Patios floors are most commonly made of concrete, brick, or natural stone.


A gazebo is a freestanding, open garden building with a roof, which may be hexagonal or octagonal in design. The majority of gazebos are made of wood or metal, with built-in seats within the shaded space. Latticework or outside curtains or drapes are occasionally utilized to provide a feeling of enclosure and solitude.

Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living entails actively utilizing your garden as a recreational, gathering, and dining area. Having an outdoor living space is a great way to get more utility from your yard, create more functional space, plus add beauty and value to a home. Outdoor living kits often include a cooking area with a BBQ grill and smoker, fire pit, seating, and counter space.

There is nothing like taking an existing structure and transforming it from the days of the past and breathing new life into it.

Kitchen Remodeling
Kitchens and Baths/Custom Cabinets

Get custom-made cabinets, matching or not, for your home’s kitchen and bathroom. There are some subtle differences between the two, though. While bathroom cabinets may be specifically made to match the height of kitchen cabinets, the most typical standard size for them is 31 inches, generally shorter than kitchen cabinets.

Family Rooms/Great Rooms

A great room is a common space inside a home that integrates multiple rooms into one large room. Generally, the great room comprises a family room, dining area, and an open-design kitchen. With new construction, the great room normally has high ceilings, is located in or near the middle of the house, and is the most used room throughout the day.

Master Suite Additions

A master suite is usually larger than the other bedrooms in the house and it often comes with a connected, private bathroom. Large walk-in closets, an attached patio or balcony, a sitting area, a bar area, and other amenities can all be included. If your existing home doesn’t have a modern ensuite bedroom, let us build your dream master retreat.

Second Floor Additions

Homeowners living in single-story homes that want to expand their living space should consider adding a second story. Whether you are looking to expand the size of the family, improve the value of the property, or just seeking additional room, our team can design and build the perfect space for you. If you can’t build out, build up!

Room Extensions

A room extension may increase the value of your house, give it more functionality, and provide extra space. Whereas an addition is the construction of one or more new rooms, an extension often refers to making an existing room larger. House extensions are great for homes with small kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Bathroom Remodeling
Window and Door Replacement

There are many good reasons to replace old windows and doors. Updating windows and doors helps save money on energy costs, enhances the style and façade of the house, and adds long-term value. Windows can be custom-manufactured to fit your existing openings and, as with doors, come in numerous materials and styles to choose from.

New Flooring

Installing new floors is one of the best ways to update an outdated property. Plus, the sky is the limit when it comes to materials and designs. Currently, hardwood, ceramic, cork, bamboo, concrete, and vinyl are among the most popular and durable materials being used.

New Countertops & Backsplashes

Similarly to flooring, countertops are a great way to reinvent a space. As of late, there have never been so many amazing countertop material options, which include granite, marble, quartz, wood, concrete, stone, ceramic, and more.

Skylights & Solar Tubes

Add more natural light to your existing space quickly and efficiently with skylights and solar tubes. Solar tubes are more efficient in terms of energy efficiency, since they capture light and diffuse it into the residence. Despite the fact that skylights collect three times the amount of light as ordinary windows, energy is wasted due to heat buildup, especially on hotter days.

Your Custom Dream

If you can imagine it, we can build it. No project is too big or small for our team of seasoned pros. If you’re unsure if something can be done, reach out and speak to one of our consultants about your dream project!


We understand the challenges of owning and maintaining a home. Especially in trying economic times when finances are limited, the smartest option might be a simple upgrade. Large or small, indoor or out, we have probably remodeled it before. Let us Dream with you.

New Home

Building an new home can feel like daunting project to take on. Let us take on the challenge for you! Our extensive experience not only makes the whole process easier for you, we'll make it fun! Our commitment to the highest quality of work is why we have been one of the top construction companies in Flagstaff for so long!


No matter what size project we provide to our clients, the precision, attention to detail and workmanship will show throughout everything we produce. Our wide range of services include every aspect of home remodeling from basic window and door replacements, decks, exterior finishes, kitchen remodels, additions and more.

“I am so loving the two retrofitted picture windows and sliding glass door that you installed so beautifully for me last fall.  I so appreciated your intelligence, honesty, reliability, expert workmanship and knowledge, not only of products and installation, but also of rebate requirements.  On a scale of one to ten, you certainly rate a 15!”


Terry Casebeer


“Steve’s workmanship is excellent and he has always completed the job within or below his original quotes. I would hire Outlook again.”


Nancy Rowe


“We engaged Steve to build our energy-efficient, LEED-certified, dream home.  With his leadership, keen design eye, and impeccable craftsmanship our vision became a reality that we can only describe as flawless.  Our expectations were high, and Steve met or exceeded them every step of the way.”


Gerald Franz


“Two years ago we approached Stephen of Outlook Construction with the idea that we wanted to build an addition to our second home in Munds Park that would tie together our house and an out building to make it more suitable for our enlarged family. He worked with us at every stage, was key in designing the layout of the addition, resized existing bedroom for now adult children, selected materials and oversaw the entire construction. The work was of the highest quality and the end result is spectacular. It has transformed this house we have owned for twenty-five years and now we experience it as a new home for us and our family. Thanks, Stephen.”


Chuck and Linda Redman


“Dear Steve, we love our new kitchen. Thank you for helping us through every step of the process to achieve our goal. Our first remodel experience was made so much easier because of your expertise, knowledge and organizational skills. You were a pleasure to work with from the beginning to end. And, we would be glad to refer anyone to you that has need of your talents. With many thanks,”


Larry and Carol Valentine


“I choose Stephen with Outlook Construction because he was concise with his explanations and it was apparent that he knew his trade (s). Our project which is a major remodel over a six month period is approx. 2/3 finished and as expected, Stephen and his crew have delivered. He has been respectful and very communicative to someone who is a bit particular ! I have enjoyed working with him on such a large project even though (no fault of Stephen’s) we have worked through some difficult issues. He has always been fair. A Good Guy and Great Contractor! Am looking forward to the finished product on this project.”


Joan Gould



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