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3 Trendy Bathroom Remodeling Ideas (2023)

If you’re looking for ways to add value and style to your home, consider tackling a bathroom remodeling project this year. You don’t need to break the bank on a large-scale renovation – with these 3 bathroom remodeling ideas for 2023, you can make simple but impactful changes that will immediately benefit both form and function. This year’s trending bathroom remodel projects are sure to upgrade your bathroom space without the hassle or expense of more significant projects. Read on as we discuss what these creative changes entail and how they can help enhance your bathroom’s overall look and feel!


#1 Backlit Mirrors

The backlit mirror trend is growing in popularity among those looking to upgrade their bathrooms. This feature, which emits a gentle light emanating from behind the mirror, brings a warm and inviting atmosphere while illuminating the room and providing direct lighting over the vanity area. In addition to creating an attractive focal point in any space, backlit mirrors are long-lasting, low maintenance, and energy efficient due to LED bulbs. They also have a low-profile design which allows them to be installed in spaces with minimal headroom above the mirror. Backlit mirrors come in different shapes and sizes, so they can easily fit into any bathroom style – from traditional to contemporary – regardless of size constraints.

Bathroom featuring a backlit mirror.

They follow the current trend of creating a spa-like experience at home while transforming mundane everyday aspects such as getting ready in the morning or brushing one’s teeth at night into a special ritual. Backlit mirrors have become increasingly popular due to their ability to aid in creating an indulgent oasis within one’s own home. Whether you are going for a more inviting farmhouse vibe or sleek contemporary feel, they do add that extra dimension to any bathroom design scheme.


#2 Warm Colors and Metallic Trim

Remodeling your bathroom with warm colors and metallic trim has become immensely popular in recent years due to its ability to bring a room together. This look uses warmer tones like mustard, beige and some shades of brown with splashes of metallic trim to make the space visually pop. The warm color palette creates a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom, while the metallic accents give it a touch of modern flair. Besides its cozy atmosphere, this style also adds a level of sophistication that helps elevate the room’s look, and it pairs nicely with other current design elements such as art deco accents and natural textures.

Modern Bathroom featuring warm colors and metallic trim.

Photo courtesy of Outlook Construction

This combination is great for bathrooms that want to achieve a contemporary farmhouse look, as it balances out the warmth and rustic elements with an airy feel. It’s certainly easy to see why this trend has become so sought-after–it produces a relaxing yet inviting space, perfect for self-care rituals or winding down at the end of a long day.


#3 Large Format Tiles

Finally, the latest trend for bathroom remodels is large format tiles. Their popularity stems from their ability to make a bathroom look larger and more spacious than ever before, with fewer grouting lines and less cutting than traditional tile. Fewer grout lines create a stronger and smoother finish, bringing more light into the space for that enlarged feeling. They offer a sleek, seamless aesthetic that can easily tie together modern and contemporary designs alike.

Large Tile black and white shower remodel

Photo courtesy of Outlook Construction

Large format tiles come in various colors and patterns that can easily fit into any style, from contemporary to traditional decor elements. Different shapes, sizes, and textures help create the perfect atmosphere for your ideal bathroom style. With large format tiles, it’s easy to get the designer look without paying too high of a price. Overall, they offer a sophisticated update that any homeowner can appreciate – making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to revamp their bathroom with maximum results.

Modern Bathroom design featuring large tiles

Photo courtesy of Outlook Construction

Modern bathroom design highlighted by large tiles.

Photo courtesy of Outlook Construction

Personalize Your Bathroom

We hope these 3 bathroom remodeling ideas for 2023 have inspired you and given you a few ideas of your own. Mixing some of these popular trends allows you to create the perfect modernized bathroom that speaks to your own personal style. Large format tiles, backlit mirrors, and warm color combinations paired with metallic trims are all great places to start when brainstorming ideas. But remember, the best part of a remodel is to make it your own! For more advice or if you’re looking for guidance when it comes to making your bathroom visions come true, contact Outlook Construction & Remodeling. Our friendly and professional experts would love to help you turn your dream bathroom into reality in 2023.

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